Toni Lesnicki, portrayed by Amy Sedaris, is the single mother of Anita "Needy" Lesnicki and is a minor character in Jennifer's Body.
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Toni Lesnicki

Jennifer's BodyEdit

She's first mentioned at the beginning of the film in a conversation between Needy and Chip, having not been home due to being on swing shift around the time that Melody Lane burned down and Jennifer was kidnapped and sacrificed by Low Shoulder.

She's later seen waking late in the afternoon, apparently from a night terror, thought given the situation, her daughter
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calls it a "day-terror". She appears to be overprotective of Needy and warns her when she says that she can take care of herself, that one day she will need her help and that she won't be there and that she will be sorry.

That's proven to be true when Needy, after having sensed that something horrible has happened and almost ran over Jennifer, covered in blood, comes home calling to her for help but isn't home, much to Needy'd dismay.

She's later seen helping her daughter get ready for the Spring Formal and is last seen taking photo's with her.

It's unknown she's aware that Needy's killed Jennifer, served time in a mental prison or has murdered Low Shoulder out of revenge and is currently on the run.


  • She's the only character to suffer from night terrors.
  • Since there's no mention of a father for Needy or a husband for her, it's unknown if Toni's widowed, divorced or single.
  • Due to an unknown job, she's constantly on swing shift and is sometimes not home.
  • She's has a hectic sleep schedule, having waking up sometime around 4:00pm.
  • She possibly suffers from Sleep Deprivation, due to appearing to be constantly exhausted or worn-out.
  • She's possibly hung-over and takes pills for medical reasons or otherwise.
  • Like her daughter, she's not a fanatic of Low Shoulder and rather dispises them.


  • "I dreamed some bad people weretrying to nail you to a tree ,with hammers and big stakes and shit. Just like J.C"

-her telling Needy about the nightmare she had about her.

  • "But i didn't let them get you, cause' i'm a hard-assed,Ford-tough, mama-bear."

-Toni declaring that she won't let anyone hurt her daughter.

  • "You say that, but one day you're gonna be crying out for me and i'm not gonna be there"

-Toni telling Needy that she'll regret saying that "she can take care of herself".

  • "Oh God, i had one of my night terrors."

-Toni, about the nightmare she had about Needy.

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